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Figaro marquiseduchatelet
Tue Feb 5 20:20:24 CET 2008

Greg, et AL,
These are in many ways aspects you noted well in a previous thread:
> Re: [Scribus] Look and feel

No rant was intended, just that many many people come to use and work
with software from a need get something accomplished rather immediately.
Also, we being human develop attachment to various softwares because
they somehow "make sense" to us, or the use seems to flow through to an
acceptable place comfortably.
Your "Look and Feel", what pilots call "the sense(ation)".
Think of you favorite text editor (what ever it may be), there is a
sympathetic environment you feel "home" inside.
Anyway, sorry for the abstruse allusions, the thought was to cause us to
remember how a person new to a software may experience the utility offered.
Thank you,

Figaro wrote:
> Hello, all.
> Please allow me to step in here as I was the person who forwarded this
> onto the active Scribus stage (as it were).
> Please be appreciative that there are many many reasons that "silos" may
> be an operational exigency, as I think you mean to imply you understand.
> There are also self imposed "silos" that we all face due to the need to
> "get on with the job", especially if earning an income.
> And, of course the intention is to gradually go back to learn all the
> intricate details of the softwares. But, I ask you and me how many of us
> actually follow through beyond the cursory "need to USE now plus a
> little 'cuz I messed up" level?
> So the thought was to find tools to quickly convert move from
> proprietary softwares to open source. I think that the built in freedom
> and extraordinary power of the choice will rapidly become apparent. For
> the initial "break in" though, business has to proceed while new schemes
> and paradigms develop.
> Just the plating off the coin as it were ;-).
> matthew

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