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Figaro marquiseduchatelet
Tue Feb 5 19:32:19 CET 2008

Hello, all.
Please allow me to step in here as I was the person who forwarded this
onto the active Scribus stage (as it were).
Please be appreciative that there are many many reasons that "silos" may
be an operational exigency, as I think you mean to imply you understand.

There are also self imposed "silos" that we all face due to the need to
"get on with the job", especially if earning an income.
And, of course the intention is to gradually go back to learn all the
intricate details of the softwares. But, I ask you and me how many of us
actually follow through beyond the cursory "need to USE now plus a
little 'cuz I messed up" level?

So the thought was to find tools to quickly convert move from
proprietary softwares to open source. I think that the built in freedom
and extraordinary power of the choice will rapidly become apparent. For
the initial "break in" though, business has to proceed while new schemes
and paradigms develop.

Just the plating off the coin as it were ;-).

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Chantal Rosmuller wrote:
>>> hard to be sure where to reply...
>>> I'll put a response here in case list readers are interested.
>>>  From the message it's a little unclear to what degree importation is
>>> desired. Scribus does have the ability to import Writer files and even
>>> apply styles, in case that is enough.
>>> See this for more specifics:
>>> http://documentation.scribus.net/index.php/Working_With_Text#ODT_Import_Exa
>>> mple
>>> Greg
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>> Hi Greg, I am the original poster of this question. Thanks for the link, this 
>> will not do however because in the example a whole file is imported. In our 
>> situation the office document has to be imported several times because the 
>> content can change, problem is however that the writers/translaters who work 
>> in the office document can also change the style/layout. That means that the 
>> layout person has to change this back in scribus every time.
>> We are now exploring several possibilties, making it impossible for writers to 
>> mess up the layout using a template in openoffice is one, another is using 
>> something entirely different like a wiki for the writing and importing that 
>> into scribus.  
>> Still it would be nice if a feature was developed to resolve this, I cannot 
>> imagine that we are the only publishing organisation with this issue?
> Sometimes issues are user issues. Scribus stresses flexibility, 
> therefore built-in restrictions don't exist. I think you're indicating 
> that people are to an extent working in silos, which is understandable 
> given your workflow. With so much handing back and forth, it's 
> imperative at the least for people to understand what is happening in 
> their own silo.
> It's going to be important for the layout people to fully understand the 
> various ways that Scribus can help with paragraph styles, creating and 
> editing them, then applying. They may have to keep track of any small 
> style edits, say a few words at a time, but I think that is manageable. 
> There probably should also be someone overseeing this to see where 
> problems arise, so that work patterns might be altered for the benefit 
> of the entire project.
> Greg
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