[Scribus] Layers -- global or local? [was "Re: Can't unlock objects in FreedomYug tutorial"]

Hedley Finger hfinger
Sun Feb 3 23:41:48 CET 2008

At Saturday, 2/02/2008, 01:29 AM;, you wrote:
> > I have been working my way through the FreedomYug tutorial on the
> > Wiki.  I want to look at the colours used in the background of the
> > "flame" logos of the "Guerilla Warfare for Gyaan" page but cannot
> > select anything on the page.  Layers are not locked.
>The only trouble I had with this was when I eventually found out I
>wasn't on the layer I thought I was. You can, of course, hide entire
>layers to help show which objects you have access to.

Are layers global or just confined to the individual page or spread 
where you created them?
Are layers created automatically when you create a text frame, 
graphics frame, etc?
I found the layers but when I selectively suppressed them in turn, I 
still couldn't select the items.
I am using 1.3.4 and the FreedomYug tutorial files seem to be from 
the 1.2 version.  Could this be
a factor?


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