[Scribus] Can't unlock objects in FreedomYug tutorial

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Feb 1 15:29:56 CET 2008

Hedley Finger wrote:
> I have been working my way through the FreedomYug tutorial on the 
> Wiki.  I want to look at the colours used in the background of the 
> "flame" logos of the "Guerilla Warfare for Gyaan" page but cannot 
> select anything on the page.  Layers are not locked.
> The finished example shows small black squares (selection handles) 
> near the bottom right of various frames and objects, but my copy 
> constructed as I worked through the tutorial shows small RED 
> squares.  Is this significant?
> I have been able to unlock the objects on the "7" page ("Seven Steps 
> to Software Samahdi") by right-clicking on the black selection 
> handles and toggling Is Locked off in the context menu (which uses 
> items from the "Items" menu), but the context menu that comes up on 
> the "Guerilla" page is based on items in the "View" menu and does not 
> contain the Is Locked item.
The only trouble I had with this was when I eventually found out I 
wasn't on the layer I thought I was. You can, of course, hide entire 
layers to help show which objects you have access to.


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