[Scribus] Usability needs attention -- time for a feature

Richard eyelagui
Sat Feb 2 17:52:12 CET 2008

OK, the black hole happenned to me also and i'm not using some fancy 
strange fonts... Most of the time i use Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana or 
Tahoma, but the most used is Trebuchet.
When that happens you can write but text get lost, my workaround is to 
delete some text containing the black hole, then write again, also some 
times lines get messed up, when changing style to one line you get the 
next one changed instead of the one you tryed, this comes generally as a 
signal than there's a black hole, and usually remains after black hole 
has been deleted. Only workaround i have found is to save, close and 
reopen document.
Also, i'm posting some images of what hapens with story editor, and the 
only workaround i have found for this one is to save, close and reopen 
Pages are in numerical order and i will explain.
P1.jpg When trying to apply some style to a page, story editor misses 
the grid where to change styles as you can see, it appears white. But, 
text is formated and on its place.
P2.jpg Open story editor for a different page (also on same page other 
text frame) and all styles are there, as you can see, text remains 
formatted on the previous frame.
P3.jpg After closing and reopening document, you can successfully edit 
text and styles again. And watch, text IS formatted, but story editor 
says every line has the same style... there is something wrong.

Also, happened that, when deleting some text styles, style editor asks 
to replace deleted one with other.... but it chosses any but the one i 
Also, Undo.... if i move a text frame, and then undo, it unodoes any 
action but nothing related to text frame... i mean, it resizes an image 
resized before text was moved, but text remains in the same place.

This two last didn't happenned on and i believe neither on

Using WinXP SP2+ and Scribus

The workarounds i have found are annoying because of the time takes to a 
document to open, and i mean the time it takes after green progress bar 
says 100% which usually is about 1 min. and time to reach 100% is more 
than normal, the same time on Win and Linux, but Linux doesn't takes the 
extra time after this.

El 02/02/2008 05:33 a.m., Peter Nermander escribio':
>> Beside, it happens i tried to replace with webdings and wingdings char,
>> and the displayed char appears allways a thick square instead of
>> the awaited character.
>> Beside, that squarelooking character behave as a black hole :
>> when typing next to it, characters dont appear, as swallowed by it.
>> That is quite unusual as usability behaviour.
>> Have i done something wrong ?
> I'm not sure about the black hole, but it is very important to understand 
> how Scribus works with fonts and characters. It is very different from how 
> the MS Office suite programs handle it.
> Scribus uses unicode as the character set. This means that it is important 
> to make sure the font used really have a glyph for the character code you 
> are using. Remember, all that is in the Scribus file is a charcter code (a 
> number). What is displayed on the screen depends on which glyph the font in 
> use has for that character code.
> I think it sounds as if you have switched to a font which doesn't even have 
> placeholder glyphs for the characters you are typing.
> /Peter 
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