[Scribus] Usability needs attention -- time for a feature

JLuc jluc
Sun Feb 3 19:08:36 CET 2008

Peter Nermander a ?crit :
> Scribus uses unicode as the character set. This means that it is important 
> to make sure the font used really have a glyph for the character code you 
> are using. Remember, all that is in the Scribus file is a charcter code (a 
> number). What is displayed on the screen depends on which glyph the font in 
> use has for that character code.
> I think it sounds as if you have switched to a font which doesn't even have 
> placeholder glyphs for the characters you are typing.

I understand your point and thanks for considering this experience.
It might be as you say however it might not be since i replaced
with a 4 character wich is an existing black triangle looking character.
So how do i get this black triangle if not selecting 4
and changing its font ?

An important thing in this usability discussion is that this happened
in a less than one minute experience
(i was just checking before answering to a mail on this discussion !).

Sure, i can find a way to overcome that obstacle
(close and reopen the app as proposes Richard).
But I cannot accept to encounter et overcome such obstacles
every minute in such a tricky way !
And please remember that this is just emerging from the last point
in my reply about that un-usability conclusion.

Strange however : some people are very happy with Scribus
and seem to use it to do things close to what I need to do !


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