[Scribus] Congratulations and initial comments...

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Sep 26 23:18:38 CEST 2007

Am Mittwoch, 26. September 2007 20:43 schrieb m8130 at abc.se:
> > It would seem that the mental jump of thinking of "Save" as "Save
> > Scribus File"
> > &
> > "Collect For Output" as "SAVE SCRIBUS PROJECT" is all that is required
> > to get what you want.
> One important thing that seems to be a bit forgotten in this discussion is
> that Collect for output as far as I understand will also collect all fonts
> used in the document. 

That's just an option

> And copying the same fonts back and forth seems like 
> a bit of waste.

Not at all. It makes sure that a font that's used in a document will be 
available on another machine.



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