[Scribus] The best way to make a book

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Wed Sep 26 22:36:24 CEST 2007

I'm not sure if this is how to do it?

File->New, double sided, 200 pages, automatic text frames

Styles for header, body, body indented, body drop cap, italic
indented, italic rigth aligned

Sections in three parts (title pages without numbers, introduction and
toc with Roman numbers, content with Arabic numbers, maybe a fourth
part for bibliography.

Mater pages left & right for page numbering. Every chapter starts with
an image aligned to the left. Image frame and image parked as dummy on
scrapbook, copy from there, switch to desired image; unlink text
frames as seems fit, import text with filter formatting.

Now this works with and 1.3.4, the latter being able to handle
styles more elegantly. A first try with 500 pages lead to a crash in
1.3.5 when defining all the details, the first two backup files not
being able to open later. So I reduced to 200 pages, went fine.

Is this the way to go? It is pretty straightforward, this way.

I notice that word tracking and glyph extension has to be defined on
every text frame, or rather the setting seems to disappear every time
you switch to another frame. Optical margins setting is kept, though.
Any idea?

Another observation: opening the text editor, the formatting rules are
lost or falsely displayed, for example right aligned instead of left
aligned (and in red color?!).

Thanks a lot!


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