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John Beardmore John
Tue Sep 25 01:26:47 CEST 2007

Roger wrote:

> <snip>
> The first is the ability to embed images within .sla files.  At the
> moment, if I move a document, it seems to loose all the links to
> pictures as though relative paths were used to locate them.
> The other thing that would be really great would be checking spelling as
> you type.I did some searching in the archives, and I appreciate that a
> view has been taken that the normal work flow will be develop a document
> in something like Open Office,
> </snip>
> In the beginning I used Scribus as a holder for images and text but due to the
> problems expressed, now the whole thing goes into the .sla file just to get
> things done fast . The sla becomes enormous in size and slow to load.

Yes, though that approach is still the choice of many experienced users.

> Routinely,  I do my text files in a raw text editor like Gedit in Linux, which
> has a spell check, I save the files as .txt.
> I try not to do significant editing in the Scribus editor because the layout of
> the text in the editor is quite different from the page column layout and it's
> not easy to find a particular word without a search facility.

Indeed, though that may be a reason to put a search facility on the 
feature request list ?

> I too would like Scribus .sla to simply hold path links rather than inserted
> text and
> images which I have experienced, can become
> different to the original text file. This also removes th need to save a .sla
> text box contents to a file, possibly contaminating th original,

Why would I want to save it outside the .sla file ?

> or modified
> text or creating yet another version of th same thing. When the pressure's on
> its not easy to remember which version is the last or possibly the one.

It never seems to be a problem here.  I just number the versions 

> Also if Scribus elects to use an external text editor, could the text box width
> be passed to the editor so the version being modified is layed out the same as
> the .sla text box on the page.

Only presumably, if the editor can get at a width table for the font ?

This just seems to be reimplementing layout functions in a text editor 
to me...

I don't in any sense mean to suggest that one way of working is better 
than any other, but maybe the range of views expressed justifies giving 
users the choice ?

Cheers, J/.
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