[Scribus] Text and spell check

Roger hovergo
Tue Sep 25 10:41:41 CEST 2007

The first is the ability to embed images within .sla files.  At the
moment, if I move a document, it seems to loose all the links to
pictures as though relative paths were used to locate them.

The other thing that would be really great would be checking spelling as
you type.I did some searching in the archives, and I appreciate that a
view has been taken that the normal work flow will be develop a document
in something like Open Office,

In the beginning I used Scribus as a holder for images and text but due to the
problems expressed, now the whole thing goes into the .sla file just to get
things done fast . The sla becomes enormous in size and slow to load.

Routinely,  I do my text files in a raw text editor like Gedit in Linux, which
has a spell check, I save the files as .txt.
I try not to do significant editing in the Scribus editor because the layout of
the text in the editor is quite different from the page column layout and it's
not easy to find a particular word without a search facility.

I too would like Scribus .sla to simply hold path links rather than inserted
text and
images which I have experienced, can become
different to the original text file. This also removes th need to save a .sla
text box contents to a file, possibly contaminating th original, or modified
text or creating yet another version of th same thing. When the pressure's on
its not easy to remember which version is the last or possibly the one.

Also if Scribus elects to use an external text editor, could the text box width
be passed to the editor so the version being modified is layed out the same as
the .sla text box on the page.

Apologies for the length of this email.

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