[Scribus] Images in a frame

Dr. Werner Popken Werner
Thu Sep 20 17:33:48 CEST 2007

> I do all the text first and get positioning right then simply put an image in an
> image frame and click on <Text Flows Around Frame> in the Properties> <Shapes>
> Dialog, Ive never had any problems with this.

Oh, so I was just plain stupid and used the wrong sequence ;-( Works
fine - well, not perfectly, see below.

> If I need greater amount of space around the image because it aligns to the
> wrong side of the image box I would use a blank text box, but put a frame line
> around it so I know it's size and position,
> then Go to Properties > shape >Text around frame
> then insert an image box into the text box. for more space increase the
> dimensions of the text box.

Hm, this sounds complicated. Isn't there a way to tell Scribus to
align the text not directly to the image but keep a certain,
adjustable distance? Actually this should be something like a style,
similar to text-paragraph-styles, in my understanding. Also, I'd like
to have a constistent way of placing descriptions underneath the
images. How would you do that?

There is a checkbox "Use Bounding Box" in the properties dialog,
but this doesn't do anything. I tried "Edit Shape", but don't
understand. Oh, I see, all the parameters are there, but grayed out:
"Distance of Text". How do you activate this? (using

Actually "Use Bounding Box" is one part of a two-value
radiobutton-system ("Use Contour Line" being the other part),
showing as checkbox :-(

Thanks a lot!

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