[Scribus] Images in a frame

m8130 at abc.se m8130
Thu Sep 20 12:04:17 CEST 2007

> I do all the text first and get positioning right then simply put an image
> in an
> image frame and click on <Text Flows Around Frame> in the Properties>
> <Shapes>
> Dialog, Ive never had any problems with this.

It should be noted that for this to work the image frame must be on a
higher level than the text frame. Using "Bring to front" on the image
frame will fix this if it doesn't work.

> I can't find a way to set the dimensions between image border and image
> frame, I
> believe this is possible though.

I don't have Scribus in front of me right now, but if you look at the
Properties palette I think there are two "positions". One for the image
frame on the page (the XYZ tab), the other for the image within the image
frame (the Image tab).

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