[Scribus] Images in a frame

Roger hovergo
Thu Sep 20 11:34:32 CEST 2007

>> Unfortunately, I see problems with automatically letting text flow
>> >> around pictures
If I understood correctly, I would have to place the image in an image
frame first and then put a text frame right next to it and then put a
text frame beneath both and then let the text flow from the first
frame into the second frame and so on, which seems to be way too
tedious to be practical for 150 page book.

I do all the text first and get positioning right then simply put an image in an
image frame and click on <Text Flows Around Frame> in the Properties> <Shapes>
Dialog, Ive never had any problems with this.

If I need greater amount of space around the image because it aligns to the
wrong side of the image box I would use a blank text box, but put a frame line
around it so I know it's size and position,
then Go to Properties > shape >Text around frame
then insert an image box into the text box. for more space increase the
dimensions of the text box.

I can't find a way to set the dimensions between image border and image frame, I
believe this is possible though.

Question, how would I put a page on the wiki to show the result.
I know nothing about wiki.

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