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avox avox
Mon Sep 10 19:43:30 CEST 2007

celsojr wrote:
> See, the best way to go is to use a propper library just for rotate, 
> scale and positioning the pdf, (without changing nothing inside for 
> godsake /O_O) I took a look @ pdflatex but it too complex for me I
> guess...
> Does someone has more details of how to do this the right way? Or 
> better, does someone accept join the project and handle the pdf thing u_u?

AFAIK pdftk can not scale PDFs and the only other options I see are
libraries like iText or Podofo.
I still think you should use pdflatex for your project. You only have to
create a short
"driver texfile" which will pull in all the pages you need and rotate /
scale and clip
them as necessary.
Have a look at the sample below:







        viewport=40mm 200mm 80mm 240mm,

This uses the std LaTeX class 'article' and includes the packages 'geometry'
to set the pagesize and margins of the sheets, and the package 'graphicx'
for the \includegraphics command.
Both packages are pretty well documented in case you need a more detailed
explanation of all options.

The command \setlength{\unitlength}{1mm} defines the unit for the \picture
and \put commands below.
After \begin{document} this file defines one picture area which will place a
pdfpage and some extra marks: two black squares at position (0,0) and
(100,0) and a text 'X' at the same position as the pdf page.

The \includegraphics command uses the following options: take second page
from pdf file, scale to half the height and width, keeping the ascpectratio
(this option is probably superfluous here), rotate 90? counterclockwise.
This example clips the page to a viewport of 4cm x 4cm near the top left of
the pdf page (this is handy if you want to cut off bleed).

You can repeat the \includegraphics command to put more pages onto this

TeX is a little picky about spaces. Don't include extra spaces or newlines
inside the \picture environment and dont use spaces (or the characters \ ~ %
{ } [ ]) in filenames.

Since the whole picture environment takes an area of 20cm x 20cm, the next
picture environment would be placed on the next sheet automatically.

I hope this information gets you started with pdflatex; you can learn the
rest of LaTeX when your project is finished :-)

Have fun
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