[Scribus] EasyPose - more details and help request

Celso Junior celsojr2007
Mon Sep 10 16:12:23 CEST 2007

Hi Louis!

Thks!! Be sure your text will be very usefull ^_^v

BTW (I liked that ^_^)

About EasyPose, it is up to time to solve this output thing once... I 
spended two weeks trying to create some usefull but i think this is the 
farest I can go without some help ?_?

Let's explain Easypose structure:

It is developed in a simple Rad environment  named Gambas
(please, do not crucify me u_u, lets say it is a fast development  
utility, since I have short time to spend since the first real output is 
to be used in my college research (and in the further book Penguins on 

What does it do?
The main feature is:
It calculates the imposition sequence without the need of templates.

How does it do?
The user chooses the original size and orientation and the output page 
size and orientation, Easypose calculates how
many rows and collumns fit in the settings and set the margins and so...

The user  add files and pages in (what it is called in easypose)  the 
Work, depending on wich type of binding ( I dont know the therms in 
english for that, but is if the pages are binded inside each other - 
like magazines - or binded side by side for cluening  - like books ) the 
sequence of the pages is different. Easypose does calculate that.

The user (not working yet) chooses the objects used for control (like 
color charts, registration marks etc) and the position of them in the 
sheet. The files can be eps.

The user folds the pages on screen, that is the reason we do not need 
templates. I created an algorithm for that. It is quite simple and 
you'll be able to see it and use it, as far as I  put the project  @ 
sourceforge or similar. The user should know what is the folding 
sequence his machine is able of doing, if he is aiming to output it for 
automatic folding ^_^. The freedom has it's price... But he can save (in 
the future) all settings of the Work an re-use it for different files 
(that will be usefull!) so we can create a sort of template files, 
joining the   best of two worlds.

For the ouput, Easypose creates a ps in the output sheet size,  draws 
easypose's logo @ the bottom and put the fold and trim marks (respecting 
the bleed settings).

For the reordering, I used pdftk, and it worked just fine!

With the sugestion of Sid Stewart (creator of pdftk) I used pdfnup for 
the "nupping" and I tried all the ways I could, but I just got a A4 
output file... imposed correctly, but no chance to control size, 
margins  and so...

Other option was to use Adobe Reader (noooooooooooooooooo!!!! ?_?m ) 
with the multiple pages feature.
Since pdftk reorders it. The imposition should work if we put the output 
size and de number of rows and columns correclty.
Sure this is NOT the way it should do, but it is the best result I could 

See, the best way to go is to use a propper library just for rotate, 
scale and positioning the pdf, (without changing nothing inside for 
godsake /O_O) I took a look @ pdflatex but it too complex for me I guess...

Does someone has more details of how to do this the right way? Or 
better, does someone accept join the project and handle the pdf thing u_u?

Two much info... but lack of time O_o


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