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Thu Sep 6 20:07:52 CEST 2007

Jacqui-6 wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to using Scribus, and open-source software as a whole, so
> I'm a bit of a dunce with it. Apologies in advance if I'm being an
> idiot!
> I've installed Scribus on a Japanese Windows PC, and I'm
> developing a publication that's in both English and Japanese.
> Japanese worked fine as the default language on Scribus (although I
> have now changed it to English), but it doesn't work when I insert it
> as text in my documents.
> I've tried both inputting the text from my keyboard and copying and
> pasting it from a different source.
> In both cases, in the text editor, none of my Japanese fonts even show
> up, and when I try to edit the Japanese text in there, Scribus
> crashes. When I just input it and leave it alone, it shows as a red
> block on the page, and when I export the page as a .pdf it gives me an
> alert, and then looking at the pdf, that space is just blank.
There are two issues here: a) installing the fonts and b) input method.

ad a) 
For use in Scribus you need a Japanese font in Unicode encoding. Freetype
might synthesize a Unicode encoding for some well known fareastern
encodings, but I'm not sure. Red squares mean that the chosen font has no
glyph for that encoding.
Check that the font is listed under Preferences->Fonts, if necessary,
specify an additional font path and restart Scribus.

ad b)
Scribus does not support fancy input methods for editing on canvas. But it
uses the Qt3 textedit for its StoryEditor (Edit Text), and that usually
supports input methods, so you need to edit your text there.
StoryEditor, being a Qt3 widget, uses the display font for editing, so you
need to specify a display font which has Japanese characters.

Scribus doesn't have any special handling for fareastern text, so you can
only format the text left-to-right.
If you have a pre-rotated font, you can use that and later rotate the whole
textbox clockwise to get vertical layout.

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