[Scribus] Japanese text

Jacqui jacquit
Thu Sep 6 15:51:06 CEST 2007

Hi, I'm new to using Scribus, and open-source software as a whole, so
I'm a bit of a dunce with it. Apologies in advance if I'm being an

I've installed Scribus on a Japanese Windows PC, and I'm
developing a publication that's in both English and Japanese.

Japanese worked fine as the default language on Scribus (although I
have now changed it to English), but it doesn't work when I insert it
as text in my documents.

I've tried both inputting the text from my keyboard and copying and
pasting it from a different source.

In both cases, in the text editor, none of my Japanese fonts even show
up, and when I try to edit the Japanese text in there, Scribus
crashes. When I just input it and leave it alone, it shows as a red
block on the page, and when I export the page as a .pdf it gives me an
alert, and then looking at the pdf, that space is just blank.

I looked through the archives and found one question about it last
year, but it wasn't resolved in that thread. Has there been any more
work on this?

Are there any very simple steps I can follow to get my way around
this? Or am I actually going to have to pay for different software? ;)

Thanks in advance!

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