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marisa miyamoto marisa
Thu Sep 6 22:17:30 CEST 2007

When I had a play with 1.3.4 on Mac OSX a while back, to start with I
couldn't figure out how to load Japanese text, either - I'm not sure if
this is true for as well, but I got it working in the end by
using file>import>get text rather than trying to open the file directly
from the story editor. Once it was loaded I could do all the usual stuff
to the text via properties/story editor etc, no problem. All my Japanese
fonts seemed to work fine.
Hope that helps.


2007-09-06 (?) ? 22:51 +0900 ? Jacqui ????????:
> Hi, I'm new to using Scribus, and open-source software as a whole, so
> I'm a bit of a dunce with it. Apologies in advance if I'm being an
> idiot!
> I've installed Scribus on a Japanese Windows PC, and I'm
> developing a publication that's in both English and Japanese.
> Japanese worked fine as the default language on Scribus (although I
> have now changed it to English), but it doesn't work when I insert it
> as text in my documents.
> I've tried both inputting the text from my keyboard and copying and
> pasting it from a different source.
> In both cases, in the text editor, none of my Japanese fonts even show
> up, and when I try to edit the Japanese text in there, Scribus
> crashes. When I just input it and leave it alone, it shows as a red
> block on the page, and when I export the page as a .pdf it gives me an
> alert, and then looking at the pdf, that space is just blank.
> I looked through the archives and found one question about it last
> year, but it wasn't resolved in that thread. Has there been any more
> work on this?
> Are there any very simple steps I can follow to get my way around
> this? Or am I actually going to have to pay for different software? ;)
> Thanks in advance!
> Jacqui
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