[Scribus] Import an EPS from Sibelius, having major problems!

AdmFubar admfubar
Wed Sep 5 03:37:01 CEST 2007

Out oc curiosity, what resolution are you using for your screen??? 104*768??, 1280x1024? something lower ?? something higher?
You may want to try something higher if you can.
Ok scratch that.... imported the eps into scribus via gimp. yeah screen output looks bad, however... :)
go over to the file menue as select print preview, this will give you a nicer rendering of that particular image. looks good enough to me, see if it wirks for you.

On Tue, 04 Sep 2007 20:18:34 -0400, dax702 <dax702 at cox.net> wrote:

> Using the "adjust frame to image" does not work, it doesn't adjust the frame
> size to the actual size of the image.  Also, I'm fully aware of the
> difference between bitmap and vector.  I understand these basics.  The
> problem with these low resolution, totally unreadable images ON SCREEN is
> that in a 100 page book with several of these musical references, it is not
> possible to SEE the image to make sure it's even the right one because the
> resolution is so low.  I understand that it's just a screen issue and that
> when the final document is created, it can be created at any resolution I
> want.  Getting to that point with graphics that are not readable on the
> screen is virtually impossible and this is the part that no one has
> addressed.  I will try the 600 DPI PNG suggestion now...

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