[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 56, Issue 64

Roger hovergo
Mon Oct 29 22:55:50 CET 2007

<snip> Can anyone tell me what is the best way to work with tables in Scribus? We
use Scribus to create our newspaper, media pack and rate cards. We are
currently updating the ratecard and we want to put in a table to illustrate
our advertising rates.

I gave up using tables in Scribus, it seems they are only aligned text boxes and 
difficult to work with.  The facility could be removed.
Instead I create complex Calendars of events and other tables in OpenOffice 
Spread sheet, export them as PDF then put the pdf as an image into the Scribus 
created newsletter, its a very easy process and makes updating easy because I 
can make changes in OO, save then update the image in Scribus, tooooo easy.
Spreadsheet is good because it permits sorting on columns, etc so the 
presentation can be changed to suit requirements.
  It has made me wonder whether a facility could be included in Scribus, in 
which, when we want a table, it would open a text box which shows Oo 
spreadsheet, then when closed, displays only the fields needed for display or 
saving in the .sla.

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