[Scribus] Scribus Manual

Roger hovergo
Mon Oct 29 22:18:25 CET 2007

Hi all
Thanks for the Introductory page, it has great merit.

At risk of starting another discussion thread, may I suggest that a focus for
our Manual be more on the screen shots with text explanation kept to a minimum.
A lot of wordage, I find, detracts from the help that a Manual can provide and
may  generally be understood differently by a variety of readers whereas images
are universal, for instance, a workshop manual for assembly of a car engine, few
words but great work flow images.

Personally, I learn most,  from text that accompanies images, like:
" To do nnnnnnn , Click here",
" To alter bbbbbb " Do that",
" If you have problem doing xxxxx  then you are probably doing yyyyyy  ------ ,
this is how to correct it".
Seldom does a manual provide explanation of : 'if it's wrong then this is what
happened and this is how to fix it'

I think that most coming to Scribus already have some experience with computers
and have experienced disastrous layout problems associated with msword so they
will be looking for similar (familiar) icons and associated explanations on the
Scribus Desktop.


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