[Scribus] tables

jrm jrm
Mon Oct 29 19:36:11 CET 2007

Here's maybe a different perspective on this.  What I've
been dong in Scribus is a chess magazine (Chess Canada),
and the tables on which I spend hours every issue are
crosstables of chess events.  The approach I've been
taking is to have some "template" paragraph styles:
for example, one for an eight-player round robin
tournament.  For a particular event, I copy one of
these to get a new paragraph style, and tweak it to
fit the data.  This is a nice clean approach for simple
tabular information.  It is not too much trouble to use
a combination of different types of tabs (centred,
left aligned, etc.) to get the information positioned
nicely.  Where it becomes a bit awkward is if I want
one of the fields in a different font, perhaps italics
or bold.  Though I may be wrong, my estimation is that
this is still easier to do line by line than by using
something like the current Scribus tables.  Trying to
wrestle with a text field for each *cell* looks like
overkill.  More realistic might be a text field for
each *column*.  So that's maybe a slightly different

Best regards,
John (MacPhail)

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