[Scribus] Latex and linked taxt frames.

m8130 at abc.se m8130
Sun Oct 28 08:22:39 CET 2007

> In theory, yes, but you'd need an extra template for each imposition
> theme.

Yes, I'm aware of that, but it would just be a matter of having a template
(made by a script OR manually) and more or less just duplicate it for the
number of sheets needed.

> Using halish's imposition plugin once it's ready or celseo's EasyPose
> would
> offer more functionality.

I have been thinking of porting my impose script (written in perl, for
psutils) into scribus python, but the need to split the PDF and import
page by page seemed to be to much work.

But Easypose provides an easier solution, I think, due to the "virtual
folding" function.


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