[Scribus] Importing eps and pdf-files - once again

hans eisl h.eisl
Sun Oct 28 07:17:32 CET 2007

Because the import of eps and pdf-files doesn't work despite a correct 
installation and correct settings (in my opinion) I relaunch this topic:
I installed scribus ( on a MS Windows XP. Before I installed 
Scribus I installed GS 8.54.
In the settings of scribus the path of ps-interpreter are correct 
I tried to way to import the picture:
When I choose the methode "file>import>import eps/eps" I get the message 
"Fatal Error: Importing File: 'file name' failed".
When I tried to import eps-pictures within a picture frame (with 
cntrl-D) than appears no message, only the red diagonally lines changed 
from black to red and no picture will be imported.

I can open this pictures (eps-files) with ghostview 4.8 without an 
error. When I choose show messages (M) I get this:

GSview 4.8 2006-02-25
GPL Ghostscript 8.54 (2006-05-17)
Copyright (C) 2006 artofcode LLC, Benicia, CA.  All rights reserved.
This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details.
Displaying DSC file D:/eps_test.eps without pages

I tried different programs to generate the eps and differend color-modes 
(rgb, cmyk) - the results are the same.

Other images like jpg, png, psd, ... works well.

Since I use mainly eps-images this is a important function.

Have anyone an idea what goes wrong.
Many thanks.

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