[Scribus] Manual - first baby step

Thomas Zastrow listen
Tue Oct 23 20:51:47 CEST 2007

Louis Desjardins schrieb:

<snip />
> I agree the lines are too long. That was the first thing that came to
> mind when I saw the page.
> I have not much to add on top of Andreas' comments. One thing tho is
> the fact that the PDF is not searchable and this, I am afraid, will
> take away much of the interest for such a piece of work (for some
> people at least). I understand this is meant to be printed to address
> a specific need but some others who have not shown up yet will ask for
> this searchability and will complain... !!! :)
> I also think with Peter Nermander on what version we have to
> concentrate since Scribus is a fast moving target.
> By the responses on the list, I understand Greg's initiative is
> actually addressing a real need. No doubt for me that in the long run
> it's going to be an interesting plus to Scribus. In the short and mid
> term I'm a bit afraid that this will take up quite a bit of vital energy.
> I still vote for the wiki, written and video! :)
> I think it's going to be easier to update and also to translate.
> I hope not to sound too discouraging. This is not my intention!!!
> Cheers!
> Louis

I agree that the fast development of Scribus is a problem for a static
manual.  But I think that the basics of Scribus - several kindes of
frames, importing / exporting and so on, is more or less stable. The
manual could be organized in two parts: one with the "basics" and one
with the enhanced features. The latter one could be expanded as the
development of Scribus goes on.



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