[Scribus] Is 1.3.4 stable enough

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Oct 17 23:00:17 CEST 2007

On Wednesday 17 October 2007 21:13:27 Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> Craig Bradney schrieb:
> > When we declare 1.4.0 stable, that is when it will be stable. I do not
> > expect we will declare any version between 1.3.4 and 1.4.0 as a stable
> > version. will be released as another stable version, and 1.3.5+
> > (<1.4.0) will be unstable, but should be getting closer and closer to
> > production usable from 1.3.5+ as it gets closer to 1.4.0.
> Please don't misunderstand me, but the version numbering schema of
> Scribus is really a little bit confusing ... when 1.3.4 was released, I
> also thought at the first moment that it is a stable version :-)
> Now, we have:
> / svn
> 1.3.4
> 1.3.5svn
> and as you wrote,  in the future, there could be perhaps some more
> versions, this is ... ahem ... yes ... confusing ;-)

The relates to the fact that 1.2 was becoming more and more outdated and 
harder to maintain as we worked through 1.3.0 and higher and decided that 
1.3.3.x was really very stable and that the best way to manage our time and 
bring the users more advanced functionality was to spend the time to 
stabilise it and forget about 1.2.x.

No matter what versions exist, you always have a stable, an unreleased stable, 
an unstable and an unreleased unstable. We will at least be able to make more 
of a difference once we get to 1.4.0, where th 1.5.x series will then be the 
unstable series.

> I'm working a lot with Scribus at the moment (there are also some more
> tutorials in the pipeline ..). For that work, I normaly use /
> Beside that, I compile 1.3.5svn several times a week and play
> around with it. I'm honest, I never use 1.3.4. I think, this release was
> ... hmm ... not really necessary (but I don't want to disgust anyone, I
> enjoy working with Scribus!!!).

It was for many reasons - including (and perhaps most importantly from a 
developer standpoint) for us to make a break point and finalise work and move 
onto the Qt4 port. 


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