[Scribus] Code fixing (pdf writing with embedded object)

Peter Schmidt sp
Fri Oct 12 10:10:06 CEST 2007

Dear All,

I found a small error in the pdf writer and corrected it. If an embedded 
object is not on the page, then this object won't be in the wrote pdf. That's 
why I wrote a new line before position of object checking. That's way the 
embedded object will plot in the pdf.
Part of code in the pdflib.cpp:
if(!embedded) //if this is not an embedded object, then needs to check just 
position of object (in my opinion)
		if (!( QMAX( x, x2 ) <= QMIN( x+w, x2+w2 ) && QMAX( y, y2 ) <= QMIN( y+h1,
		y2+h2 )))
			return tmp;

How can I share this observation with the developers?

Peter Schmidt

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