[Scribus] Opening Scribus files accross different machines

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Oct 10 20:14:24 CEST 2007

Carl Moller wrote:
> Greetings, I am new to scribus so I hope this is an actual issue and not 
> just a user problem.
> I consistently have this problem among all of my scribus machines:
> I am using the following OS's: Windows 2K SP4, Windows XP Pro SP2 (x2 
> machines).
> I am using the stable build of Scribus for windows:
> When working on my Windows 2K, I can create and import an PS file. After 
> saving and closing the file on my local harddrive, I copy the file to 
> our network server drives. Then I open it with one of my Windows XP 
> machines. The imported PS file becomes a border with a crosses rather 
> than the actual graphic.
> The problem reproduces itself again and again. If however, I work on the 
> windows XP on the network drive, I can open it in my Windows 2K provided 
> it stays on the network drive. When I copy it from the network drive to 
> my USB key and take it home on my windows XP, the PS file once again 
> goes back to the border with crosses.
> I continue to have to re-import the graphic every time and I have no 
> idea why.
This is expected behavior. When you simply save a file, the XML-like 
file (.sla) is saved but this does not include images, only pathnames to 
the image (PS). Since this is a relative path, even moving on the same 
computer causes the load to fail, let alone on a network. What you want 
to do is to File > Collect for Output, which makes a directory, 
compressed if you wish, containing all of the elements along with the 
.sla file.


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