[Scribus] Using the Open dialogue with paths with hash marks

Carl Moller cmoller
Wed Oct 10 17:05:46 CEST 2007

I am having a problem with Scribus on Windows XP sp2 and Windows 
2K sp4.
I am saving my files on a network drive with a hash (#) in the path 
name. This is a situation I cannot change as my work sets up these 
things and refuses to let us change them. the problem is that with a 
path like this:
P:\Job Number\3174 Review #2 Sub\06. Engineering\Testing

And within this final directory lives my file. So when I open it by 
browsing to the file, no problem. The problem occurs after loading if I 
try to open another file, I receive an error message saying:
Error: Could not read directory
P:\Job Number\3174 Review

Which once again leads me to thinking that the hash symbol is actually 
causing the bug. If I select OK, the open dialogue continues but the 
screen is buggy:
Look in: contains the full path: P:\Job Number\3174 Review #2 Sub\06. 
Actual window has reverted to : P:\Job Number
Filename contains: 3174 Review

I then have to browse to the folders again to get to where I want to be. 
This is rather undesirable behaviour.

Any idea if this has been filed as a bug before?


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