[Scribus] old question... any new answer ?

stu seven stu7seven
Fri Nov 30 13:54:11 CET 2007

> The old answer is: for PS import to work you need a decent ghoststcript.
> My guess is that your Debian uses something like ESP Ghostscript 7.07.
> There are two branches of ghostscript: ESP(and GnuGhostscript IIRC) and
> AFPL/GPL Ghostscript. The former (ESP) is mainly used for printer drivers
> and
> doesnt work for Scribus. The latter is the original from Artifex. The latest
> version is 8.61 or so. Anything >= version 8.50 should work just fine with
> Scribus.
> It might be that you have both installed on your Debian system and the ESP
> one is just the default. Try to find the correct binary for GPL Ghostscript,
> check with "gs --version", and specify that binary in Scribus Preferences
> -> External Tools.
> Ghostscript is also used for print preview and image conversion in Scribus.
> For that Scribus needs the following devices compilked into Ghostscript:
> pngalpha, png16m and one of tiffsep or spotcmyk.
> HTH,
> /Andreas

+   many thanks Andreas... first good answer Ive heard to this problem...
I'll give it a try today !

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