[Scribus] Scribus for Scientific Posters?

Lars Behrens lars.behrens
Fri Nov 30 09:13:16 CET 2007

Hi there,

I'm working in a physical institute here.

What's driving me (and them) insane is the scientists using OOo or Power Point 
for creating A0 posters for conferences.

So I'm thinking of introducing the physics to Scribus as a poster creation 
application, but I'm not sure if Scribus is yet far enough for that.

What concerns me is:

* Formulas

As far as I can see, there is still no possibility in the actual version of 
Scribus (SuSE 10.2 here, Scribus for formula creation, how about 
the tex frame thing? Fiddling around with OOo to create formulas won't seem 
very attractive to the scientists. Any other tips?

* Lists

Is this still the only way to create lists:
Not sure, if the guys will dig that or if it will seem too complicated to 

* Undo/redo

In the actual version this is still not satisfiyng...

* Any other thing, which I still don't see but which will show up when time 
gets too short for a workaround :-)

So my question to you guys is if you have any hints for me. Should I take the 
effort or is that too risky (I don't want to have 15 people attempting to tar 
and feather me two days before the next conference because they don't get 
their posters done).

How about the newer versions of Scribus are things better there, so that an 
installation of a newer version would be worthwhile?

TIA for your input!

Cheerz Lars

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