[Scribus] old question... any new answer ?

avox avox
Thu Nov 29 22:05:59 CET 2007

stu seven wrote:
> +    periodically encountering eps/ps import/export problems
> with both Scribus and Inkscape, I wanted to ask scribus
> techies about this feature.
>      In my scribus, which is 1.3+, the eps/ps import simply
> doesnt work at all... however, when I load scribus from Knoppix,
> or other live-CDs which include much older versions, there is no
> problem... so, the question... what would I need to do to get
> this working in my debian install ?  ...and debian has just
> about every library available.  The live-CD proves that the
> feature works... I just dont see the problem with debian (I use
> Sarge).

The old answer is: for PS import to work you need a decent ghoststcript.
My guess is that your Debian uses something like ESP Ghostscript 7.07.
There are two branches of ghostscript: ESP(and GnuGhostscript IIRC) and
AFPL/GPL Ghostscript. The former (ESP) is mainly used for printer drivers
doesnt work for Scribus. The latter is the original from Artifex. The latest
version is 8.61 or so. Anything >= version 8.50 should work just fine with

It might be that you have both installed on your Debian system and the ESP
one is just the default. Try to find the correct binary for GPL Ghostscript,
check with "gs --version", and specify that binary in Scribus Preferences 
-> External Tools.

Ghostscript is also used for print preview and image conversion in Scribus.
For that Scribus needs the following devices compilked into Ghostscript:
pngalpha, png16m and one of tiffsep or spotcmyk.

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