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Roger, in Bangkok mercies
Sat Nov 17 13:56:57 CET 2007

Hi Lazlo--

Simplicity is not an issue, for me anyway.  Haven't seen any mention yet of
a "chat" for support ... doubt that would be very useful in a global
community dealing with what appears to be some very quirky support issues.

Like most things Lazlo, I think it's mostly about behaviour.  As such, you
probably won't see me posting much at all, and certainly very seldom would I
reply to lengthy, convoluted or multiple subject posts.  If there are
exceptions you will also note that I delete everything that I am not
replying to.  But that's just my behaviour, and certainly no reason to
expect anyone else to copy it:-)

I'm not much of a political player, too old for that kinda crap, but I would
doubt that a serious and respected developer would be so thin-skinned.  Like
I say, I have no interest in telling anybody what top do or how to do it, I
simply behave on my own part accordingly.

I do however tend to raise hackles whenever anyone in community tags others
derogatory names based on any account.  I have done that ... I have
responded in behalf of community ... and that is the end of the story, ie no
further comments necessary to such an off topic and basic human kindness
aspect of life.  Having said all that, I will get back to seeing what all I
have missed in the past, where I am sure I will also find most of my
questions already answered.

Regards/Roger, in Bangkok

On 11/17/07, Torn?ci L?szl? <torlasz at net.sote.hu> wrote:
> Hi,
> ...
> ... If you need the
> simplicity and and convenience of natural speech, use chat instead of
> email.
> ... Top posting makes it difficult
> to see, what points are you replying to.

> One more point: there are several developers on this list, who are
> willing to help the users. This is very valuable. Some of the developers
> made it clear a couple of times they don't like top posting here. So I
> guess let's simply honor their request instead of arguing about it.
>                                        Yours: Laszlo
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