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Tornóci László torlasz
Sat Nov 17 09:59:22 CET 2007


Roger, in Bangkok wrote:
> Some rather rude generalizations offered there, but be that as it may:-)
> Of what use is the preview feature, on virtually all email readers, when 
> all that is being previewed is regurgitated topping?  For that reason 
> alone I would probably not even have opened this, but since I just 
> joined this list I tend to take a bit of extra time to look at more.

Top posting has its advantages (like the one you mention here), but I 
agree with those, who say it has far more disadvantages. If you need the 
simplicity and and convenience of natural speech, use chat instead of email.
Email is a way of communication, which is somewhere between speech and 
published writing. In an email one may raise several points, others may 
argue or comment with only some of those. Top posting makes it difficult 
to see, what points are you replying to. This may cause confusion, 
misunderstanding, more "noise". And yes, top posting leads to 
sloppiness. People don't bother to edit, delete, even to read the lower 
parts of the emails, so they get longer and longer, and discussions can 
become off topic very easily.
One more point: there are several developers on this list, who are 
willing to help the users. This is very valuable. Some of the developers 
made it clear a couple of times they don't like top posting here. So I 
guess let's simply honor their request instead of arguing about it.

					Yours: Laszlo

> Regards/Roger, in Bangkok
> one who takes great exception to being characterized as "obnoxious", 
> "sloppy" or "lazy" ... shame on you ... ;-)
> On 11/17/07, *Gregory Pittman* <gpittman at iglou.com 
> <mailto:gpittman at iglou.com>> wrote:
>     stu seven wrote:
>      > +  ... someone has taken the time to complain about "top posting"...
>      > it's "poor etiquette", they say.
>      >
>      >      Top posting... a favored style of many... is a fast and
>      > convenient way of replying to informal message board or email
>      > messages... its eliminates the need for scrolling through long
>      > messages to find the reply, or, ever find a spot to type a reply
>      > at all.
>      >
>     Aside from what Andreas pointed out about top-posting, it is a sloppy
>     and lazy way to post. People post without realizing what they are
>     saying
>     has already been said, and emails get massive because nobody bothers to
>     delete what is below their reply. Most of the time you end up seeing the
>     content being an impossible mish-mash of content and subjects.
>     When you are looking for something in the Archives, it becomes
>     impossible to find anything.
>     If someone wants to get obnoxious and top-post anyway, I suspect they
>     will find their posts will eventually be ignored.
>     Greg
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