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Roger, in Bangkok mercies
Sat Nov 17 07:02:23 CET 2007

Some rather rude generalizations offered there, but be that as it may:-)

Of what use is the preview feature, on virtually all email readers, when all
that is being previewed is regurgitated topping?  For that reason alone I
would probably not even have opened this, but since I just joined this list
I tend to take a bit of extra time to look at more.

Regards/Roger, in Bangkok
one who takes great exception to being characterized as "obnoxious",
"sloppy" or "lazy" ... shame on you ... ;-)

On 11/17/07, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> wrote:
> stu seven wrote:
> > +  ... someone has taken the time to complain about "top posting"...
> > it's "poor etiquette", they say.
> >
> >      Top posting... a favored style of many... is a fast and
> > convenient way of replying to informal message board or email
> > messages... its eliminates the need for scrolling through long
> > messages to find the reply, or, ever find a spot to type a reply
> > at all.
> >
> Aside from what Andreas pointed out about top-posting, it is a sloppy
> and lazy way to post. People post without realizing what they are saying
> has already been said, and emails get massive because nobody bothers to
> delete what is below their reply. Most of the time you end up seeing the
> content being an impossible mish-mash of content and subjects.
> When you are looking for something in the Archives, it becomes
> impossible to find anything.
> If someone wants to get obnoxious and top-post anyway, I suspect they
> will find their posts will eventually be ignored.
> Greg
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