[Scribus] etiquette / scribus mailing list

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Nov 17 05:39:04 CET 2007

stu seven wrote:
> +  ... someone has taken the time to complain about "top posting"...
> it's "poor etiquette", they say.
>      Top posting... a favored style of many... is a fast and
> convenient way of replying to informal message board or email
> messages... its eliminates the need for scrolling through long
> messages to find the reply, or, ever find a spot to type a reply
> at all.
Aside from what Andreas pointed out about top-posting, it is a sloppy 
and lazy way to post. People post without realizing what they are saying 
has already been said, and emails get massive because nobody bothers to 
delete what is below their reply. Most of the time you end up seeing the 
content being an impossible mish-mash of content and subjects.

When you are looking for something in the Archives, it becomes 
impossible to find anything.
If someone wants to get obnoxious and top-post anyway, I suspect they 
will find their posts will eventually be ignored.


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