[Scribus] etiquette / scribus mailing list

stu seven stu7seven
Sat Nov 17 02:40:40 CET 2007

+  ... someone has taken the time to complain about "top posting"...
it's "poor etiquette", they say.

     Top posting... a favored style of many... is a fast and
convenient way of replying to informal message board or email
messages... its eliminates the need for scrolling through long
messages to find the reply, or, ever find a spot to type a reply
at all.

     Posting styles vary, and, where I can see the "etiquette" issue
possibly arising in a classroom setting, in a real world setting, it
is inapplicable.  Example... everything we were taught about
"proper typing" in school, is, in the professional world, virtually
discarded... the secretaries giggle when they see "typing class"
style output... it simply isnt used any more.

     I suppose it would have been easier just to delete the etiquette
whine : - )

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