[Scribus] Colour management confusion

avox avox
Fri Nov 16 17:47:27 CET 2007

rockbeer wrote:
> Thanks Hal for your very interesting reply.

Indeed, always insightful to get an explanation from Hal! :-)

> Hal V. Engel wrote:
>> As to why Photoshop will not let you set a CMYK profile perhaps this has 
>> something to do with how old of a version you are using.
> Don't think so... the icc option is there in the cmyk setup dialog, but it
> is greyed out and unavailable. I've trawled the web and posted on
> specialist ps boards but haven't been able to come up with an answer why
> this should be so :(
What fileformat are you using? PS native (PSD)? Or tiff?

Also, can you use ICC profiles elsewhere?

> Hal V. Engel wrote:
>> I think you would be much happer if you worked in a color space intended
>> for image editing and then 
>> created an output file for your printer in the color space that they
>> want.   
>> That is the normal process and most CM professionals advise against
>> working 
>> in a small gamut output color space like those for printers. 
> Now that is an interesting comment... perhaps I've misunderstood something
> really fundamental about colour management. As I understood it, I would
> want to work in a colour space that approximates the final printed output
> so I can be relatively confident that what I'm producing will look right
> when it's printed. No?
> To put it another way, if I work in a high gamut colour space then how do
> I know I'm making something that won't look terrible when all the colours
> are converted to printable alternatives when I create the final output
> file?

Scribus can simulate printer colors in Preview, version 1.3.4 also on

Color management is primarily about using defined colours and secondly about
translating between gamuts. A printer's gamut will always be different to a
monitors gamut, so you will need experience and/or color proofs to get the
colors right. Working in a high gamut color space will offer colors to you
which don't work on printer, but all colors which *are* in the printer's
gamut should appear exactly the same on screen. 

Working in the printer's color space will make it more difficult to switch
the printer if needed. It's better to allow Scribus to apply the printer's
profile on export (or even embed the used profiles in the PDF and let the
printer do the conversion if they support it, as in PDF-X3).

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