[Scribus] Colour management confusion

rockbeer bruce
Wed Nov 21 01:19:23 CET 2007

avox wrote:
> What fileformat are you using? PS native (PSD)? Or tiff?
> Also, can you use ICC profiles elsewhere?

I do most image work in psd format, convert to tiff occasionally when I need
to use a clipping path. But Photoshop 5.5's cmyk settings are made
independently of a particular image that might happen to be open at a given
time. You can configure the settings with no image open and the icc option
is still unavailable.

avox wrote:
> Scribus can simulate printer colors in Preview, version 1.3.4 also on
> canvas.
> Color management is primarily about using defined colours and secondly
> about translating between gamuts. A printer's gamut will always be
> different to a monitors gamut, so you will need experience and/or color
> proofs to get the colors right. Working in a high gamut color space will
> offer colors to you which don't work on printer, but all colors which
> *are* in the printer's gamut should appear exactly the same on screen. 
> Working in the printer's color space will make it more difficult to switch
> the printer if needed. It's better to allow Scribus to apply the printer's
> profile on export (or even embed the used profiles in the PDF and let the
> printer do the conversion if they support it, as in PDF-X3).
> /Andreas

Ah, so would you recommend keeping the images in rgb, even placing them as
rgb images in Scribus, then allowing scribus to convert them to cmyk at pdf
export time? I haven't quite been able to bring myself to trust scribus to
handle this, if I'm honest... nothing personal, it's just I know and trust
photoshop from years of use. My workflow has been - edit rgb image in ps..
flatten... convert to cmyk with embedded profile as suggested by the
printer... place in scribus document... export to pdf/x-3 with embedded
profiles for images retained. Made sense to me. Anyway I should have a proof
in the next couple of days so that will have a better idea whether I've been
going the right way about it.

Many thanks for the help and suggestions. It must be possible to get to
grips with this stuff, mustn't it?
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