[Scribus] Help for an old newbie

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Nov 16 01:09:04 CET 2007

Joan Hill wrote:
> Hi,
> Last week I downloaded  I have gone over the tutorial,
> however, my needs at this point are really basic.  For instance, I
> need to have my text flow from one page to the next.  I think I have
> done what the tutorial tells me to do, however, I just get the
> origianl text pasted in teh new page.
> I am 72, sort of computer literate, but I need things explained in
> basic everyday language, as I don't always understand the short cut
> intial-type instruction.  For instance I have not the vagues idea what
> SVG or eps mean.
you may never need to know what these mean, and as a general rule, I 
would say if something is totally foreign, it doesn't matter (right now).
> Also, I don't understand exactly how to set up the style for headings.
>  I assume I can set a a style for the headings, and each time i want a
> heading I should be able to call on that style  -- at least once I
> figure it out.
Hopefully you've gotten some sense of Story Editor. In Story Editor 
(Ctrl+Y from the keyboard), you can enter text, you can change the 
features of its font, you can create and use Styles. For example, if you 
click on the left side of the Story Editor where it says No Style, click 
No Styles, and you have the opportunity to make some by clicking Edit 
This brings up a dialog, at which point you click New to make a new 
Style. This brings up another dialog. Give your Style a name at the top. 
Now give your Style whatever features you want - font, size, line 
spacing, make it bold, italic, shrink it, stretch it, give it a certain 
color, make left-right-full justified -- use the tooltips to help (hold 
the mouse cursor over a button for a bit and a short message helps with 
knowing what it's for). When you're done, click OK, click Save, Click 
OK. Now use your Style in Story Editor. Now you can click No Style and 
choose your Style, and it's automatically applied to your text.
> Please cut an old lady some slack, and help me with some very basic problems.
> Also I too have had the problem with the making changes in the story
> editor only to find something different on the document.  I don't know
> if this is something I am doing, not doing, or perhaps it is a program
> problems.
IMPORTANT: If you are not using Styles in Story Editor, changes will 
apply to 1) text you have highlighted 2) any future text you type in. So 
-- if you have already typed something you want to change, highlight it 
first (click-drag the mouse over it) - it shows a blue background when 
it's highlighted.
> thank you for any generous person who is willing to help me.
Last bit: come back and ask more questions if this doesn't work.

Also check out the Wiki:
There is a tremendous amount of very good help there.


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