[Scribus] Help for an old newbie

stu seven stu7seven
Thu Nov 15 23:42:51 CET 2007

+ OK Joan... I'll try to help with your questions.
SVG and EPS are file formats... if you dont use these, no need
to worry about them... for people who work with these a lot, it's
just nice that Scribus accepts them.
     The text flow question... well... it does work, but really
I would recommend working one page at a time... you can
always cut and paste from the previous page to achieve virtually
the same effect.  This may be bug-free in, but Ive had a
bunch of problems with it, thus my suggestion.
   Your story editor problem sounds like more, you didnt click
the "update and exit" button in the editor itself... this has always
worked flawlessly for me.
     I personally dont use Heading styles... however, it is
very simple to highlight and select these, and then edit via
properties menu.
     Thats about the best I can do with your questions... Im sure
you can find better advice if this isnt sufficient.


On 11/15/07, Joan Hill <hill.joan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Last week I downloaded  I have gone over the tutorial,
> however, my needs at this point are really basic.  For instance, I
> need to have my text flow from one page to the next.  I think I have
> done what the tutorial tells me to do, however, I just get the
> origianl text pasted in teh new page.
> I am 72, sort of computer literate, but I need things explained in
> basic everyday language, as I don't always understand the short cut
> intial-type instruction.  For instance I have not the vagues idea what
> SVG or eps mean.
> Also, I don't understand exactly how to set up the style for headings.
>  I assume I can set a a style for the headings, and each time i want a
> heading I should be able to call on that style  -- at least once I
> figure it out.
> Please cut an old lady some slack, and help me with some very basic problems.
> Also I too have had the problem with the making changes in the story
> editor only to find something different on the document.  I don't know
> if this is something I am doing, not doing, or perhaps it is a program
> problems.
> thank you for any generous person who is willing to help me.
> Joan
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