[Scribus] Cut plotter and PDF?

Richard eyelagui
Thu Nov 15 21:59:35 CET 2007

Hello!, i?m a Scribus user since the last month, and i'm having an issue 
with a person who is a printer manager.
I have made a pure vector desing, to send to a plotter, but this person 
is telling me that only accepts corel draw vector files because his 
plotter can only cut from this files.
My gess is that he really doesn't understands too much and does not want 
to get mess or he wants to sell his design work.
But, i also think i'm missing something.
I have made several standard printout jobs on scribus, and never had an 
issue, but now with a cut plotter i'm completely new, since i have NEVER 
sent a plotter job, even lesser a cut plotter job.
I have exported my job on PDFX3 as usual, is this the correct way? or 
should i get Corel to make this?

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