[Scribus] Help for an old newbie

Joan Hill hill.joan
Thu Nov 15 21:45:48 CET 2007

Last week I downloaded  I have gone over the tutorial,
however, my needs at this point are really basic.  For instance, I
need to have my text flow from one page to the next.  I think I have
done what the tutorial tells me to do, however, I just get the
origianl text pasted in teh new page.

I am 72, sort of computer literate, but I need things explained in
basic everyday language, as I don't always understand the short cut
intial-type instruction.  For instance I have not the vagues idea what
SVG or eps mean.

Also, I don't understand exactly how to set up the style for headings.
 I assume I can set a a style for the headings, and each time i want a
heading I should be able to call on that style  -- at least once I
figure it out.

Please cut an old lady some slack, and help me with some very basic problems.

Also I too have had the problem with the making changes in the story
editor only to find something different on the document.  I don't know
if this is something I am doing, not doing, or perhaps it is a program

thank you for any generous person who is willing to help me.


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