[Scribus] Text difficulties

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Nov 14 14:40:06 CET 2007

James King wrote:
> (walks up to microphone)
> Hi, My name is James King, and I am a Pagemaker user.
> (group responds) Hi Lee!
> (but no longer, now that I've switched to Scribus)
> Ok, now that I've made my confession, I'll explain my situation.
> I made the switch to Scribus just recently, having originally used  
> Pagemaker to typeset a piano method book. I am in the process of  
> redoing my work (and improving on it) in Scribus. However, I find  
> that when I work with the style sheets in the text editor, sometimes  
> the changes don't come out right, and when I go to the properties  
> menu, there is something different yet again. I am expending a lot of  
> effort with the text, and wonder if I'm doing something wrong  
> regarding setting everything up correctly. Always, when I go to edit  
> text, the style will have a plus sign after it, even if nothing was  
> changed from the original style. I will select the style again,  
> refresh the text window (of course there are no changes in  
> appearance) but then when I go back to check, there's that plus sign  
> again, which leads me to think that something changed somewhere.  
> Sometimes, if I switch between properties and the style edit, text  
> will flip between different fonts , or if I change font sizes within  
> properties to make the font smaller so everything fits in the box,  
> only the text that was originally displaying in the box gets sized  
> down. The remainder is at the old size.
Ideally, you want to apply your Styles in Story Editor, since you have 
greater control over the extent of changes -- make sure you understand 
the various settings. Applying Styles in Story Editor, then changing in 
Properties > Text tab can produce unpredictably behavior. In Text tab, 
when you change font size, for example, line spacing automatically 
changes. In Story Editor, it does not. You can, of course, make some 
minor changes in a paragraph after applying a style (maybe a few words 
with Edit Contents of Frame mode), but I wouldn't do this extensively.


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