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Jeffrey L. Place sports
Thu Nov 15 06:44:07 CET 2007

I am glad that I am not alone. I have been publishing since 1991 and used
PM, ID and Serif PP along with Quark. I like InDesign the best, hate Quark
and PM was too clunky.

Scribus is too buggy for me and I am stalled. I LOVE linux, but I need a
DTP program that I can use.

and yes -- wine does not work well


> James King wrote:
>> (walks up to microphone)
>> Hi, My name is James King, and I am a Pagemaker user.
>> (group responds) Hi Lee!
>> (but no longer, now that I've switched to Scribus)
>> Ok, now that I've made my confession, I'll explain my situation.
>> I made the switch to Scribus just recently, having originally used
>> Pagemaker to typeset a piano method book. I am in the process of
>> redoing my work (and improving on it) in Scribus. However, I find
>> that when I work with the style sheets in the text editor, sometimes
>> the changes don't come out right, and when I go to the properties
>> menu, there is something different yet again. I am expending a lot of
>>  effort with the text, and wonder if I'm doing something wrong
>> regarding setting everything up correctly. Always, when I go to edit
>> text, the style will have a plus sign after it, even if nothing was
>> changed from the original style. I will select the style again,
>> refresh the text window (of course there are no changes in
>> appearance) but then when I go back to check, there's that plus sign
>> again, which leads me to think that something changed somewhere.
>> Sometimes, if I switch between properties and the style edit, text
>> will flip between different fonts , or if I change font sizes within
>> properties to make the font smaller so everything fits in the box,
>> only the text that was originally displaying in the box gets sized
>> down. The remainder is at the old size.
> Ideally, you want to apply your Styles in Story Editor, since you have
> greater control over the extent of changes -- make sure you understand
> the various settings. Applying Styles in Story Editor, then changing in
> Properties > Text tab can produce unpredictably behavior. In Text tab,
> when you change font size, for example, line spacing automatically
> changes. In Story Editor, it does not. You can, of course, make some
> minor changes in a paragraph after applying a style (maybe a few words
> with Edit Contents of Frame mode), but I wouldn't do this extensively.
> Greg
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