[Scribus] PDF importing quality

Ville Aakko ville.aakko
Fri Nov 9 14:34:53 CET 2007

Hi again, and thanks for the load of replies!

It really does seem that I was misinterpreting the problem I was
seeing (so Graig was right); the PDF's are indeed exported the
resolution selected at the export PDF dialog, as also noted by Riku,
too (though the option could be more clear as already mentioned).

What I was seeing was a side-effect of the rasterisation done while
exporting the PDF from Scribus (and I just assumed the were too low
quality); some PDF's (especially the fonts) just look a lot worse on
monitor after rasterisation. They also look worse when printed, but
luckily, not so much (I went to the print house we're working with and
did some test prints). but as Scribus can't import PDF's as vector
graphics just yet, so this is something I'll have to live with. And I
think the quality is acceptable for out work, since we're not
professionals =)

I also tried converting the PDF's to ps and eps, but that didn't work
for any of the PDF's I tried. It seems all of them are too complicated
for pdftops (and pdf2ps). So using them as vector graphics would be
ideal but not possible at the moment.

I still do have problems with imported PDF's; it seems scribus does
some really bad job with the colors - but I'll start a new thread
about this if I can't solve it based on documentation.

Ville Aakko - ville.aakko at gmail.com

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