[Scribus] PDF importing quality

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Mon Nov 5 14:03:56 CET 2007

Riku Leino a ?crit :
> Ville Aakko wrote:
>> Now, is there a way to control how large images Scribus creates from
>> the imported PDF's? Or is there an utility, which I can use to create
>> bitmaps of certain size, to be imported in to Scribus?
> Placed PDF documents will be exported at the resolution set in the pdf export 
> dialog's "Resolution for EPS graphics" field. The name should probably be 
> changed to reflect this fact too. The resolution setting in preferences 
> controls only the preview quality.

I agree the info provided (either name of the function or tooltip) can 
be improved to reflect this particularity. While I understand the 
function is meant to work that way (so, not a bug, per se) a PDF is 
nonetheless a vector format and to see it rasterized is a bit 
mindboggling (sorry, can't find a more precise word) to anyone used to 
work with them.

Maybe a tooltip saying "including PDFs which will be rasterized at the 
said resolution" (or something more elegantly said) could prove to be 
helpful and useful.



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