[Scribus] Manual - revision

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Fri Nov 2 19:34:53 CET 2007


On 11/1/07, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> wrote:
> when I get some time, this is what I plan next, is working on the text,
> trying to give it a style, ............

Since I also posted a request for a Scribus pdf manual on this list
sometime back, I would duly like to express my thanks to the
contributors - thank you very much.

However, could it also be possible for you guys to design the new
manual keeping in view the total newbies to DTP/Page-layout like me? I
mean, could you compose it so that it teaches a layman the DTP itself
instead of just Scribus? The suggestion is to create a DTP manual and
show how Scribus makes various DTP tasks easier. Additionally, you
could also include references to good DTP websites as well.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks a lot,


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