[Scribus] Manual - revision

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Nov 1 14:23:53 CET 2007

Christoph ? wrote:
> I'd really appreciate if we could all concentrate on the "what" before we move 
> on to the "how".
when I get some time, this is what I plan next, is working on the text, 
trying to give it a style, hopefully, some flair of its own. One of the 
necessary things is sifting out any specific references to 1.2.x -- we 
need to focus on 1.3.3x, with allowances for anticipation of 1.3.4+ 
features when this is useful.

The way I see it, the content (text) to a large extent determines the 
necessary associated graphics, and other augmentations like lists, 
sidebars. Collectively, these then determine what layout features will 
seem to work best.

I think we're all aware of many printing options, yet this isn't really 
on the radar screen yet.

I've not tried it, but is it possible to upload text and other non-image 
files to the Wiki?


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