[Scribus] line spacing only between paragraphs - how to?

Henry Hartley henryhartley
Wed May 30 18:33:10 CEST 2007

Louis Desjardins wrote:
>> Isn't this actually the (only) way to go? (and it's fine like it
>> is) I wonder just how would anyone let the app know just what
>> *is* a first paragraph without tagging it in some way. Applying
>> a stylesheet takes a few secs. I know no other apps that would
>> apply a drop cap (or btw any other settings) *only to first*
>> paragraph... And if there are, this feature must have some
>> drawbacks: you have to decide at one point when does that
>> behavior starts, when it ends... Unless the software
>> *understands* what's on your mind. Complicated. No? :) 

I cannot say if it's complicated or not as I don't know what the code
actually does.  On the other hand, the code is clearly able to parse
text and determine what a paragraph is.  This is obvious from the fact
that it is able to supply extra spacing before or after each paragraph.
Note too that if you set a paragraph style to have, for instance, 12pt
of extra space before each paragraph, that will NOT be applied to the
first paragraph in a frame, only subsequent paragraphs.  So, the code
seems to know that the first paragraph gets treated differently and can
identify said paragraph.

I'm not saying I cannot live without this feature.  Only that the
ability to make drop caps apply only to the first paragraph would be
nice.  The ability to have one paragraph style (rather than two) for all
paragraphs in a document is more significant than a few seconds if you
have a large document.

Too complicated?  I'll leave that to the developers.  If so, then yes,
using two related styles will do fine.  If not, then it would be a nice,
little bonus.  Scribus is already better (WAY better) than we have any
right to expect for the price.


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